My Audio Quality is poor


If you're having issues with audio quality while in a group call it could be due to a few reasons:

  1. You're in an active Party Mode group with you MIC ON

    When in an active Party Mode group with your MIC ON, volume is dipped and is lower in quality when your MIC is ON. This is due to the way Bluetooth audio works.

    In order to hear High Quality Audio while still remaining in the Aleck call is to switch to MIC OFF by tapping once on your left button of your Aleck device. Now you're MIC is OFF and you can still hear music and incoming communications from your group.

    Please click here to read more about this in another article

  2.  Increased the Equaliser bass too high on the Nunchucks

    We've spent a lot of time internally tweaking our Nunchucks EQ settings with our manufactory and have already increased things like the bass on the speaker a fair amount. This means that when the bass is turned up further some users may be experiencing some distortion due to the bass being so high.

    We at Aleck really want the Nunchucks to sound amazing out the box, which is why we chose to increase things like the bass and other elements of the sound.

  3. Speaker Hardware Issue

    Before our headphones are shipped out to consumers they go through very extensive audio testing at our manufacturer. During they use complex Audio Equipment to analyse audio imperfections and defects.

    Despite this intensive audio testing phase, it is possible for headphones to be damaged during transit, although very rarely.

    If you're experiencing issues where the headphones sound "blown out" / "distorted" or are not playing audio, this could be the case. Before concluding this is the issue, we would ask you to check your EQ settings inside the app and set this to "Flat".
    If this still doesn't fix the issue please test your headphones without the Aleck app (leaving Aleck group calls and closing the app) and then playing music out of your music player that you have listened to before, to compare behaviour. 


Please contact if any of these issues still persists.




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