Can't control music while in a group Party Mode / PTT call

If you're using the Punks or Nunchucks and are having issues controlling your music while in an Aleck call you will need to update your Aleck firmware.

Please note this firmware version is unable to be used on the Aleck 006 and temporarily available to be installed on Android for the Nunchucks. You can install this on iOS and then use this firmware version on Android.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Please connect to your Aleck Nunchucks and Punks inside the Aleck app.
  2. Once connected tap on the Device at the top of the screen.
  3. Scroll down to the firmware version inside this screen and tap the refresh arrows next to the firmware version. 
  4. A firmware update arrow should now have appeared, please tap this to start your firmware update.
  5. Once updated you will have music controls while in an Aleck group Party Mode / PTT call.


Aleck 006

If you're using the Aleck 006 and having issues controlling music we would recommend using PTT mode. This is because when you're communicating you're unable to control your music, but with PTT you're not constantly communicating as this is Push-to-Talk communication that will cut off after 6-12 seconds depending on what you choose inside the Aleck App.


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