How to change comms mode between PTT & Party Mode?


PTT Mode:

  1. Once you have your group set up, please then ensure that your Comms setting is set to PTT by going to the 'Switch' button (beside the 'Add person' button in your group screen) and tapping on the 'PTT Mode' setting.
  2. You can now start using the PTT Comms mode by tapping the green 'Join The Chat' button.

Party Mode:

  1. To toggle between PTT and Party Mode, please first open the group you are communicating with/in. On the upper right corner of the screen there is a 'switch/toggle button' (this should be right beside the button with the icon of a person). Once you have tapped this small round button, you should then be able to set the Comms setting to either PTT Mode or Party Mode.

Using the Comms feature

You can certainly still use the Comms feature with your phone in your pocket as the headset works using Bluetooth connection. If you wish to operate using open communication, we recommend using Party Mode.

For better quality music while using Comms, we recommend using PTT mode as unlike Party mode, it is not an open communication system.

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  • My 006 says PTT coming soon. Is there a timeline of when this will be released? I’m disappointed it is not available as it says on the box that PTT is a function.

  • My 006 APP also says PTT coming soon.  Do we need to update app to get the PTT feature?  

  • I have the Nunchucks and it doesn’t work either. False advertising! Otherwise a really great product.

  • I’ve had the 006 since 2019, they had PTT when I bought them, now they don’t. What happened to the previous app and functionality? When will it be back? I could not be more disappointed

  • Does not work. Who do we contact for help. Says PTT coming soon. We are leaving to go skiing in a few days. Please let me know how to fix

  • So odd to have a regression on PTT. Where's it gone Aleck - what's the ETA?

  • How can I fix the PTT? My Aleck doesn’t do the open comms (audible up chime) or close comms (audible down chime). And PTT says coming soon. This is my first time opening the box. Why doesn’t it work?

  • I opened a support case and got the following response:

     This was originally a feature but we've had to remove this temporarily due to it not performing as optimally as we wanted. We hope to re release this feature over the next month or so.
    You can use Party Mode as if this was PTT mode, Tap to Start talking (MIC ON) and Tap to stop talking (MIC OFF). We understand there is no automatic cut off currently with Party mode but this will be re introduced when we fix PTT.

  • While you fix PTT mode or whatever, can you please implement this patch:

    Click gesture on the left ear to toggle Party Mode mute/unmute. Triple, double, idc, but taking my gloves off and unzipping to take my phone out while I'm on the mountain sucks donkey nuts. Thanks!

  • Once I'm live in a group the only ear control that works is to stop the music.  Then once that's done none of the tap controls work at all.  If I have to pull the phone out of my pocket what's the point?

    As was the problem with this company a year ago when I got these, their response time is absolute dog shit.  If you actually had a person to talk to, chat with, or even emailed back on a somewhat acceptable basis we could deal with all these issues. 

  • Any idea when your software engineering department will have the PTT working again. Pretty frustrating we “upgraded” to your product latst year. 10 units. Now this year, it looks likeit was a waist of over 1k.

    Please give us a timeline.


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