My Group can't hear me in Party Mode/ Party Mode Controls Explained


When you join Party mode you immediately join Muted and are required to Unmute your mic to be heard. This is what is shown in the screenshot below of the communication bar in the Aleck app.

Punky Boys - Muted Image.png

To Unmute your mic please tap the Pink “Unmute” button on the communication bar as shown above, or if your Punks are connected, Tap Once on the Punks Left button. Once you’ve done this you’ll hear an audio tone in your Punks, your mic will Unmute and the button will change, as shown below.


Punky boys - unmute - image.png

punky boys - On hold : mic off .png

Punky boys - on hold.png

If you would like to leave the ON HOLD mode please Tap once on the left button and this will bring you back into the on going live conversation.


For more information about how to Get the Best Experience with both Party Mode Communication and Music please click here.


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  • When it says, "tap"... what exactly does that mean?

    Do I push the grey button or literally tap the unit?


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