Sound Quality

Why do they sound so good?

We chose a driver that provided the best clarity and bass response possible in a small package.

  • The 22 x 14mm oval design of the speaker provides high sensitivity which increases volume without zapping battery power.
  • The driver has more diaphragm surface area producing additional bass to counter the limitations inherent to the open face helmet use case.
  • Rectangular speakers buckle at the corners causing distortion. The Punks oval speaker design reduces distortion, and increases clarity at higher excursion.
  • Finally, we angled the speaker slightly inside the enclosure to give it more directional power to deliver full frequency clarity to the user's ear with more precision.

Aleck Punks - Sound GIF .gif

3 Layers of Wind Noise Reduction

Engineering a small, lightweight device that could handle intense wind noise was challenging. Our engineers developed three layers of wind noise reduction: 1) mechanical, 2) secondary mic environmental noise cancellation, and the crucial final layer 3) a cloud-based noise reduction algorithm

  • Layer 1 - Specialized mic with 3 mechanical barriers; wind screen, tube offset & open cell foam


  • Layer 2 - Secondary mic for ENC (environmental noise cancellation)


  • Layer 3 - Cloud based software noise reduction (NR)


Here's the 3 layer wind reduction in action!



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