What do I do if I have connection problems with my Tocsen?


If you are having connection problems with your Tocsen, hopefully one of the following solutions will help you right away:

  • Please first charge your Tocsen for a longer period of time, preferably overnight for at least 10 hours. Your Tocsen may have been deep-discharged due to its position and needs a little more "push" to start properly.
  • Add the Tocsen to the Bluetooth devices connected to your smartphone from the Tocsen app and not from the Bluetooth device settings of your smartphone.
  • Charge the Tocsen with the charging cable for at least 5 minutes while trying to establish a connection with the Tocsen app.
  • Check that both, Tocsen and your smartphone are sufficiently charged.
  • Switch Bluetooth off and on again.
  • Delete the added Tocsen from the app and add it again.
  • Log out of the Tocsen account and log in again.
  • Restart your smartphone.
  • Check whether there are possibly too many Bluetooth devices in the list of smartphone settings (if necessary, try to delete a few noted devices and try again).
  • Check if you have allowed the Tocsen app all necessary permissions & access (messaging, Bluetooth and location access).
  • Reinstall the app

None of the above mentioned solutions work out for you? Please contact us directly at support@aleck.io.

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