How am I able to test if the Tocsen app/the emergency call really works?


To do this, simply use the simulation mode in the Tocsen app. This is how it works.

  1. Open the Tocsen app.
  2. Select your profile (top right corner/ your photo/ your initials).
  3. If necessary, scroll down a bit to the ‘main functions’ and deactivate the function 'Rescue Community' (otherwise the Tocsen community in your area will be informed about a crash).
  4. Then go to the starting screen again > Select your Tocsen > Scroll down if necessary > Simulation > Start simulation.
  5. In the simulation mode, the sensitivity of the Tocsen crash sensor is highly increased and already a tap on the Tocsen with your finger is enough to trigger an alert.
  6. Now the timer starts: After 30 seconds the emergency call is sent to your emergency contact(s).

Great! Now you know you can rely on your Tocsen.

Remember: After the test, re-activate the 'Rescue Community' again in your profile settings.

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